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Would you like to power your home or business with a clean source of electricity, popularly known as renewable energy?The only way to access it from the earth is through the installation of solar panel.

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What is the cost of solar panel installation in Brisbane?

At the moment, Australia is leading the way in using solar energy via solar panel installation. The cost of solar panel installation is cheaper in Australia than in any other nation in the world. We have been tracking solar panel installation prices for the last few years.

Generally, a normal 6-kilowatt solar panel would cost you between $4000 and $6000 in almost all Australian cities, including Brisbane. Installing a solar panel that is 10 kW in size would cost you around $8000 to $10000. However, the price of solar panels solely depends on the brand and overall quality of the product. If you wish to figure out the actual cost of solar panel installation, reach out to us. We will let you know everything regarding the solar panel installation cost.

What benefits does a homeowner enjoy with residential solar panel install in Brisbane?

Save money on monthly energy bills

If anyone is thinking about going solar, the first thing that comes to mind is saving money. Soon after you are done with the residential solar panel install on top of your home, you will witness a great dip in your monthly electricity bills. As a result, it will help your savings significantly. The saved money can be used for any other home needs or to purchase any necessary household appliances.

Australian government support for solar energy

The Australian government offers rebates on every installed residential solar panel in Brisbane. This is a huge relief for all homeowners who are planning to install solar panels in their homes. You do not need to be concerned about the initial investment because the government supports its citizens in installing solar panels in their homes. You will receive a refund or rebate shortly after the solar installation is completed.

Enhance home's value

Not only can you save money on monthly energy bills with residential solar in Brisbane, but you can also greatly enhance your home's value in the market or surroundings. If you intend to sell your home in the future, then investing in residential solar solutions is the most profitable investment that you have in your hand. Solar customised homes in Australia will have great demand in the future.

Why Solar Panel Installation is a Good Idea in Australia

The whole world is embracing solar, and we Australians are the first to make solar energy part of our lifestyle. We Australians are lucky to be in Australia, as it is the perfect place for solar installation. Here we are compiling the top reasons for installing solar panels.

Cheap prices in Australia

At the moment, the cost of solar panel installation in Australia is cheaper than in most other countries, making it more accessible and affordable for Australian residents. For those that have been considering switching to solar energy, now is the perfect time to adopt solar energy.

Geological advantage

Australian geological advantages include receiving the most sunlight in the world, making it ideal for solar installation. As an Australian resident, you have a great opportunity to obtain enough solar energy by absorbing much more sunlight than is actually needed. This implies that the installation of solar panels in Australia is a great idea.

Government Rebates

The Australian government has been offering several types of solar rebates or incentives in order to encourage Australians to embrace solar energy in their lives. Obtaining government rebates on each solar installation in Brisbane is another notable advantage. Rebates from governments minimise the burden of capital investment to install solar panels in Brisbane.

How many solar panels are needed to be installed at home in Australia?

An average 5-kW solar system that consists of about 15 to 20 panels would be large enough to meet the power requirements of an average house. The total number of solar panels depends on your electricity requirements and your budget as well.

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Elite Solar Panel Installation Brisbane

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